With over 25 years combined experience in keeping your Travel Trailer in top shape.

From complete roof repairs and full-service body work, to appliance installs, we are here to help you with all your service needs on your new or used RV and travel trailer. We are fully equipped for Manufacturer Warranty Work, and Services needed to prolong the life of your Trailer, and make it suitable for your needs & taste. We are focused on having the best high-quality RV parts and full service RV repair facility for your needs.
We offer a variety of services for RV's.

  • COMPLETE WINTERIZATION (Prior to winter storage, make sure to winterize for enjoyment next Spring.)
  • COMPLETE SUMMERIZATION (After the long, cold winter, make sure your system is clean of antifreeze & checked for leaks.)
  • APPLIANCE AND ACCESSORY CHECK (Perform annually to help keep appliances & accessories operating efficiently & provide trouble-free travels.)
  • POINT INSPECTION (Ideal service for a complete RV physical to identify what is working well & what requires attention.)
  • WATER HEATER SERVICE (Recommended annually to prolong the life of the storage tank & keep it operating efficiently.)
  • FURNACE SERVICE (Annual inspections & service will help keep your furnace operating safely & efficiently.)
  • EXTENDED WARRANTY SERVICE (Repair or replace awnings, appliances, electronics & more!)
  • AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE (Air conditioners operate more efficiently & perform better with the coils cleaned & filters changed annually.)
  • RUBBER ROOF PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE (One of the most expensive RV repairs can be avoided with an annual inspection, cleaning & UV treatment of your rubber roof.)
  • REFRIGERATOR SERVICE  (Routine inspections for optimal air flow & burner/fluid cleaning can prolong the life of your refrigerator and keep it operating efficiently.) 
  • SLIDEOUT MAINTENANCE SERVICE  (Annual inspections are recommended to maintain trouble-free operation & long life. Includes slideout inspection & lubrication of seals & slide mechanism.) 
  • BUBBLE TEST (Recommended to locate hard to find RV water leaks.)
  • MOUSE FREE (Spraying the underbelly of your RV to protect against mice and other pests from entering through the small holes and cavities on the under slide of your RV. A lubricating non drip coating scented with 100% natural essential oils. Mice have a very acute sense of smell and this is overwhelming to them, and it is also much too slippery for them to travel across.)
  • BLUE-OX HITCHES (Installation of Blue-Ox hitches from receiver mount tow bars and vehicle base plates, to sway control and chassis performance)
  • GAS TEST (Electronic RV propane gas leak detector/RV gas leak detector fluid)